A downloadable game for Windows

A infinite endless express where each carriage is a new and interesting experience. It's a relaxing, chilled experience to keep you entertained and inspired. More carriages will be added shortly along with any bugs that people point out. This project took me 4 days to complete, surprisingly it wasn't that hard to make. All assets belong to me as well if your wondering.

If you have any suggestions on carriage ideas please suggest them to me for a chance for it to be created because I really need good ideas

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Install instructions

click on the zipped file and press the "unzip" button in the file explorer tab


Eternity Train.zip 191 MB


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"It's a relaxing"

The music is extremly loud and very suprising

"This project took me 4 days to complete"

Has a Ludum Dare Tag ?

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Whats a London Dare?

Also the background sound of the train is supposed to be quiet so don't go turning up ye volume